Is Corruption inevitable?

“You are supposed to organise a freshers party for your juniors. You have handed over the required funds. Just assume, you are an honest person( I know it’s hard, just focus on it for a moment). You have an option to buy a product that hardly matters there and you get similar kind of downgraded product at a much lower place. That way you can save a lot of money for yourself. But you are an honest person.”

What will you do?

Being a honest person, this could have been a tough decision for you, but you are not. You are not an honest man. An honest man is a myth like the Bigfoot although some people have claimed to see Bigfoot. Evolution has made us want to live in groups and society and superficial feeling of care for each other. But deep inside, Everyone is mean. Whatever we do has a string attached to us. We all want to be happy and the dopamine hormone secreted by the brain does the trick. The brain does a huge task of decision making to satisfy a happy soul.

But how does it relate to Corruption? Corruption is a subjective term. It’s neither a single form of behaviour nor an obvious species of conduct. Corruption may or may not be illegal. It depends on the labeller to mark it as moral or immoral. Each one of us is unique in our own ways. Everyone on this planet thinks they are above others and they are correct. You might not be doing an immoral act (corruption) according to you, but that could be immoral for someone else. And here you are stuck. No matter how honest you think you are, it’s apparently not enough. So, It turns out each one of us have been a esteemed participant in corruption.

With the passage of time, we are governed by the set of rules according to the law and order department. So, now we have a benchmark for what comes under corruption and what doesn't. But does it solve the problem? We are governed by Psychology in each possible way. Most of the actions we perform can be explained by it. Each one of us have infinite desire or greed. Nothing seems to make us happy. This desire in us makes us do small things we might refer as unethical but it’s actually a profound step in corruption.

The question still stands intact “ Is Corruption inevitable?” As far as evolution is concerned, we are marching towards a society with people aspiring for bigger dreams and potential to achieve it at any cost. This sparks the light into the matter that we are forced to commit corruption even though we are not a part of it directly.

There are some saints though ( the real ones, not talking about those on T.V, they are more susceptible to it) who have no desire for materialistic needs and spend their time alone meditating in a forest or a mountain top. But we all can’t be like that and in my opinion we should not. Won’t the development just stay standstill if everyone gets rid of their materialistic needs?

All in all, we need some pinch of corruption in this game of development to stay in the race of progression. It is plausibly inevitable but a bit of it actually accelerates our growth.

P.S: No, I do not work in a government office and no, I don’t support that type of corruption either.

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