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Full-stack professional

Why the next generation workforce needs to be … curious!

It is true, that to become a master of your art, you need to have laser-focus on your task, a certain sense of love, and lots of hard work and repetition. A lot of people who have become masters in their field have achieved this by deciding what it is that they want to dedicate their lives to, and doing the one thing really well.

I’m a big believer of the ‘less is more’ attitude. But not when it comes to curiosity.

To become a full-stack professional is … to become curious.

It’s awesome to see

  1. Engineers, curious about business
  2. Engineers, curious about design
  3. Designers curious about development
  4. Designers curious about business
  5. Product managers curious about technology
  6. Product manager curious about other domains and industries
  7. Customer care teams curious about the company, product and the industry
  8. Admin staff curious about their company, business and product
  9. Everyone, curious about everyone else’s work
Curiosity makes you explore things.
Exploration makes you question things.
Questions get you answers.
Answers make you smarter.

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