Study Abroad Franchisee: How to Select and Buy?

What is Study Abroad Franchisee?

To begin with Study Abroad Franchisee concept it is important to understand the Franchisee Model. In a Franchisee Model, the franchise, while launching the office, only needs to market an already established brand in that particular city. Hence, just to reiterate, while opening a franchisee you need not work upon how to gain trust and faith of the students and their parents.

Study Abroad Franchise Facts

Study aboard Franchisee is one of the best options for you if you are entering in to this business. With Franchisee you can start your business without any tie-ups with the Universities or institutions. You have no need to waste your time on making tie-ups with universities. You just need to choose any best consultant who has tie-ups with major universities and institutions. No sooner you become the study overseas franchisee partner of such Consultants then you can start enrolling the students and start earning the share. The commission structure in this model is of 70% commission being a franchisee.

Why our Study Abroad Franchise

Krishna Consultants being a well flourished name in the world of overseas education, the franchise gets an established Portfolio of 26 countries along with the tie ups of 500+ Institutions out of which most of them are top ranked and highly reputed Universities. Also our Visa success rate is 90% which is a cherry on the cake. Hence it becomes easier to convince the students about their successful recruitment.

Benefits of our Franchisee

Krishna Consultants is known for its healthy and lasting relations with its represented Institutions. As a result there are continuous events like Spot Assessments and Education Fairs conducted by us during which the University delegates themselves Interview the students and the fellow students get the outcome on the spot. During such events, the universities target different areas for interviewing the students, which if in turn falls under the city where we have a franchisee, then the franchise gets complete advantage to conduct these events.

Franchisee Support

As far as the support to be provided to our franchisees is concerned, there is a Business Development team continuously at their service whenever they find any difficulty with the application, visa or any other general procedures. In addition to this there is a monthly and annual Report formatted which we request our franchisees to submit in order to track their progress and take necessary measures to improve the same regularly.
If you are looking to have a Study Abroad Franchisee then you are on a perfect organization website i.e. Krishna Consultants website. Our basic concentration is always to support our fellow Franchisees in order to achieve great success and come out with flying colors. Krishna Consultants is absolutely open to those people for whom — Sky is the Limit.