To my adolescent mind, they were all thin and attractive, but they were all utterly blind to it. It sounded like an awful life, and I wanted nothing to do with it.
(137): An Ugly Duckling from Outer Space Hangs Out With Swans
Betta Tryptophan

I know!

Even as an adult, I see my some of my adult friends of ALL sizes talking badly about their beautiful bodies. And I think, what a sad way to live!

When I was younger, my blood used to boil over when I heard painfully thin girls grabbing the meagre fat around their waist and moaning, “I’m so fat!” I mean, how dare they trivialize the experience of being in a large body in a world which is so uncomfortable with large bodies.

Now I’ve interacted with enough women to realize that they’re not putting on an act or doing it to get attention, they actually think that way about their appearance.

And all I can think is, WHY? It must be so hard (and such a waste of a good, fulfilling life) to not love your amazing body!

I loved your story, Betta, and kudos to the teen you for not falling for what I’m sure was enormous implicit pressure from your stepsister and her friends. And thank you for the mention! :)

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