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Okay, what happened?

Okay, what happened?

Why are your eyes red

Why is your nose leaking

And why aren’t you meeting my gaze?

Sometimes I wish I could read your mind.

I long for a super-power

Where I can figure you out

Or arms so that I can hold you

In times like these.

I wish I had a voice

To soothe your worries

And sing you to sleep

As you lay —

Tired spent well-wept

Eyes half closed —

looking at me.

Sometimes I feel so helpless

So angry at my immobility.

I don’t even have a hanky to offer you!

I wonder you don’t see my frustration

Rising up like steam from my flat surface.

As I just stand there, wringing my hands

(I’m kidding I don’t have hands to wring)

I’m suddenly transfixed.

You’re not crying anymore.

Is that new resolve in your eyes?

Are your hands patting your own back

Your own arms comforting you?

And what! Did you just pull out a tissue

And dab your own eyes?!

Right before my eyes

(Kidding again, I have no eyes either)

You transform

From weeping willow forlorn

To bleak warm sunshine of the morn.

You’ve healed yourself for now

And I’m so proud to witness

You did it all on your own

Stepped with dignity out of your mess.

As you whisper “Thank You”

To your reflection in me.

I don’t think you hear my reply

“Aww, it’s just my job, you see.”

You take the steps you earn your medals

Of courage. You pass every test.

Me? I just show you who you are.

It’s what I do best.

-Shweta Bhat

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