Everything I Remember is Wrong

So funny!

You have my sympathies. One day when I was 14, I started sneezing every day from when I woke up to mid-morning. Just like that. And I would sneeze every 30 seconds, snot flowing out like a continuous gross stream. I’d go through tons of tissues. It was THE most embarrassing year of my teen life.

My parents took me to doctors and healers of every school of medicine; I was prescribed various medicines and certain foods (and linens and soaps and shampoos) were strictly forbidden. I remember at one time I was off tomatoes and was eating boiled apples — for some insane reason. But nothing worked and I resigned myself to living with snot mornings. Then, after almost a year, out of the blue, it stopped. I have no idea why it started and why it stopped. But to this day I am so thankful it did stop.

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