Strings Attached

Pain Verse

I don’t have a lot of strings attached to me.

Just the two that I can see.

Two I can’t/won’t cut away.

I’ve thought a thousand times about cutting loose

But I can’t seem to be able to fly away. Why is that?

You know me one-dimensionally

But I’m so much more than you know.

Will you ever know? Will you ever listen?

Will you ever just…be there for me?

I crave, crave, crave.

Longing chokes my heart.

It doesn’t matter who loves me.

Nothing matters that you don’t. Why is that?

You’ve been so careless with my heart.

I’ve stopped saying things to you.

I keep happy and sad news to myself.

Yet I stand before you silent

I give you the reins, my lifeblood

to use as you must.

Why is that?
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