Assassins of the dreams!

Be one in all, they say 
learn to play along, they say
But I cant be a partner in crime 
in the constant assassination of wild thymes

No. I wont walk out just now. 
No. I wont revolt. 
I stay there with angst, for they were just sour
what do they know, I will soon be a bauer

I put my headphones 
but I still hear them giggle and talk 
I cringe, I pretend to ignore 
I increase the volume, I slam the door

I am too young to decide, I am too old to live 
No money in that, no future in this 
This is how things will go they say 
Stages in life, ,the rules, everybody has to obey

I try to fight, 
I punch, I kick, I shout 
Somebody stop them! they are starting to creep into my head
And just like that…they stabbed my soul, all night it bled

Somebody help! get someone please! 
It said lying there in the pool of blooded dreams
Passion lay bare, zeal popped out 
Too late but, convention had given its ultimate clout

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