Because life likes a bit of a chase too

Phew! What a crazy party tonight! 
A cutie right by my side
His mysterious eyes pierced through mine
Blood rushed through my face, a smile too wide to hide

The glance left me weak in my knees
I wanted to attract his attention just once more
I saw the peek of potential we could together possess
I fixed my hair and blazed the dance floor

Everyone around me noticed except for him 
Baffled, furious I grooved some more
I shook my body and bobbed my head
I jumped so hard, it left my ankle soar!

Disappointed I came back to my spot
Was I not good enough to hold his gaze even for a while?
My crazy mind, here, had delusioned into the dreamland
Some giggles and kisses later, I thought, I would walk down the aisle

Sinking feeling passed and I began to ease out
Grapes were too sour, I began searching for an apple
Another guy approached me soon after 
Common interests and thoughts in ample

Soon I began to come into my own
Together we pulled pranks and ran a riot 
We danced and laughed away to glory 
And blossomed still in the moments of quiet

Watching me thrive the cute guy approached
He began to flirt and cling
His name was life, my friends 
and he happened to me while I was busy doing other things

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