I hate the feeling of love

I hate the feeling of love so raw,

You can taste a bleeding soul in one long hard kiss

I hate the feeling of love so deep,

It invades spaces of your being, you didn’t know existed

I resist the temptation of love they call whole,

For I have seen souls spill out, leaving lovers shoal

* * *

I love the feeling of hate so dark,

It let’s me be grey

I love the feeling of hate so sharp,

It can cut through your veins

For I can display what I feel, I need not contain,

Hate, my friend, is not hard to sustain

* * *

I have eased into the bitter and lowered my guards to hate,

And a sense of tranquility has begun to pervade

Despising is dearer to me than living now,

I have felt this before

A feeling of raging hate intensifies in me, so raw, deep and whole,

I am due for another blow to my soul.

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