Winds are changing again

Winds are changing again 
The nights getting colder 
sunny days shall disdain 
Winds are changing again

Seasons came and passed by 
I stood still staring at the sky
while people rushed through fast lanes
Winds are changing again

Some left behind their scent 
some left behind lament 
A tale of love, remorse and pain 
Winds are changing again

Suddenly I look around 
Panic beseige me, I start to hound
Everbody had already caught their trains 
Winds are changing again

My shadow is all I see
But they..they said, we’d always be
All the hurt, inside I contain 
Winds are changing again

Weeping stops, doused lashes raise
to see the maple trees ablaze 
Was I afterall not so inane?
so what if Winds were changing again

Life had to go full circle and again 
how else would we all sustain
New leaves come only when old dies in blain 
strange story of nature arcane

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