It’s TIME to focus and make a better CHOICE

Focus…it’s need of Time

Why have you decided to take the Digital Marketing Nanodegree Program?

Because I see Digital Marketing is the FUTURE of everything.

Digitalization is everywhere, it’s just a click away. Every single moment people connect with technology for work, socialization, market watch, shopping, DIY projects and so on. In today’s world, Digital Marketing has become backbone for many businesses. Digital Marketing allows you to get connected to the target audience without any limitations.

A couple of years back I worked in pharmaceutical industry in product management team. I have worked extensively on preparing marketing plans for product launch, creating visual aid, making detailing stories. My profile changed from ON job to NO job because of number of reasons but one thing was always constant… CREATIVITY. I always wanted to work on things which I like; my inspiration for this is definitely my soulmate. He says, “Knowing what you like is the best part, but working on it is the luckiest one”. Yes, the work I find most motivating is that allows me to use both my creative and research skills. And, this lead me to taking up the Digital Marketing Nanodegree Program.

Picture credits (UDACITY)

Till date my understanding for Marketing was :


But there are many A’s to do a effective and successful marketing.

Udacity has a structured approach for DMND program. The DMND program is giving me a broad spectrum of understanding — right from knowing the new words — to the complete cycle of Digital Marketing. It’s very early to say that I have gained confidence but DMND gives me the opportunity to put the learning into practice and thereby help me to further develop my skills. And, YES, here I am. I am working on my second project. Soon after launching my work and submission I will come to know that my learnings are on track.

Thank you for visiting and reading my post.

And, keep yourself motivated too and create success stories!!