Reasons why CSS is important to learn

Shweta Datar
Aug 22 · 4 min read

Much of the world’s business is now being done on the Internet with people using mobiles, tablets, or laptops looking for news, online shopping, video chats, office documentation, recipes, booking restaurants, reviews of school, locating doctors or even playing games.

Our world has shrunk to the 6” inch screen allowing website development companies to multiplying and earn big money. For those looking to start their own website, learning HTML5 and CSS is a must. They are bread and butter for any developer.

Cascading Style Sheets(CSS)

What is CSS?

Cascading Style Sheets, as the name suggests is what adds style to your website. All those interesting fonts, slick colors and background images are all thanks to CSS. It affects the entire look and feel of the website making it an incredibly powerful tool for website developers to learn.

Cascading Style Sheets or CSS are an important way to control how your Web pages look. CSS can control texts, fonts, design, background, alignment, margin. But it can be very difficult to learn CSS, and some people would rather not learn it.

There are some very good reasons to learn CSS so that you can control your web page look.

Let’s get started!

  1. CSS is a web standard:-

Firefox, Chrome, Safari. These common browsers now support CSS on all platforms, so using CSS helps you build responsive, future-proof, and highly accessible websites.

CSS web standard

When acronyms like SVG, PHP, HTML5, and polyfills become confusing, just remember, graphic designers to be able to control the look and feel of your web presence without having to become programmers.

2. Redesign Your Site More Quickly

Design Website quickly

Many sites now put up special versions of their sites for special occasions and they can do this because it only takes a few hours to create an alternate stylesheet for the occasion.

3. Earn Money

Once you know how to design your website & how to design responsive website, you can easily start earning money out of it. And if you’re looking to become a freelance web designer, you won’t get far if you don’t know CSS.

Earn Money from designing websites.

Is CSS difficult to learn?

No, CSS is not hard to learn but studying code from others is a great way to learn. But don’t just read it, break it down until you understand it. There is nothing difficult to learn when you love to learn that. CSS, easy to learn but mastering is a little difficult.

How long does it take to learn CSS?

As long as it takes to learn anything else. Becoming “fluent” takes much longer than making a simple website. Css is big and there are a lot of interesting uses for it

What is the best course for learning CSS?

With so many resources online you can easily teach yourself web design without any official classes. It may take extra time and effort but in the end, you’ll truly understand the concepts behind coding a website.

The only question is what type of learner you are and how you learn best. Some people prefer books since they’re more direct and packed with readable step-by-step projects.

But if you Deeply wanted to learn CSS then you can start online tutorial from various e-learning platforms like udemy,eduonix,edureka, etc

It’s for you if …

  • you started with learning web development and you want to build more beautiful websites
  • you already know CSS but want to dive deeper
  • you’re using CSS in a trial-and-error manner and want to change this (you should!)
  • you’re an absolute CSS pro and you know the CSS working group drafts by heart

Getting started with CSS might look easy but there actually is a lot of depth to CSS — hence this course provides different “Tracks” or “Entry points” to exactly meet your demands and reflect your current knowledge level

Lets’t get started and design the websites!

Shweta Datar

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I’m passionate web designer. In addition with web designing I have knowledge of #SEO #SocialMedia. I like to read and write technology stuff.

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