5 Times Personalized Gifts are the only Option

There are occasions for gifts, and then there are gifts for occasions. Either way, one has to often put a lot of thought into what to gift. In fact, there are times when you will find that no gift seems to be suiting the recipient or the occasion. Such are the lost times when you need to know that personalized gifts are the only way to go.

1. Best Friend’s Birthday: Your best friend is someone you know more than they know themselves. You know their favorite color, movie, song, food and then what is really their favorite color, movie, song and food. On their birthday, giving them a mainstream gift would be a little impersonal, don’t you think? No, this is when you give them a personalized gift. There are several personalized photo mugs online that you can couple with greeting cards, or even personalized photo frames or posters. Capture some really quirky moment you may have shared and let it me immortalized on these products. BFFs, right?

2. Break-Ups: When you love someone, and then that relationship ends, it take a little bit of you with it! If you know someone going through this, you want them to know that you are there for them. You want to pamper them a little, shower them with affection and help them heal faster. That is when personalized gifts can come to your rescue. So, you could have an amazing “I am Awesome” poster made, for them to hang up in their room, or even have personalized shot glasses made for the post-break up party. Either way, this is a time when only personalized gifts would work.

3. Sibling Gets a Promotion: Siblings share an amazing rivalry that is just so filled with love. So when your sibling gets an amazing promotion at work, getting them a pen or laptop bag like every other person would be too impersonal. At this time you go all out. You personalize a whole set of stationery or a phone cover for them. You could have it emblazoned with their name, new position and maybe a motivational quote that they live by. Now that is a gift they will hate you for loving. Not only will they show it off, but they will have to tell everyone you thought of and gave it to them and they will hate that!

4. Ex’s Wedding: No doubt, when you part ways, things can be ugly. But over a period of time, you tend to warm up to the idea that you two were just different and that is why you couldn’t make the relationship work. As such, if your ex is to get married to someone else, you should (ideally) be happy for them. But, we all know that there are very few people who can accomplish that. So, give that ex of yours a personalized gift that will remind them of how well you know them. May be a couple mug with a relationship quote that they live by, or a wall art poster made along the same lines. It will ensure that they know that there is no bad blood, and that is a good day for everybody, right?

5. Gifting for yourself: No one can get a gift for you like you! That is a proven and established fact. So, don’t just go out on retail therapy for your feel-goods. Get online and personalize a bunch of stuff for yourself . Yes, it seems narcissistic, but so what? Love yourself! You can personalize mugs (yea, I know, I love mugs!), t-shirts, posters, phone covers, laptop covers, shot glasses and coasters. All in all, you can ensure that your home, yells your name and your philosophies. It is really cool! I did it!

Personalized gifting is fun, not only for the recipient but for the giver as well. You put in thought, some action and actually work towards bringing a smile on someone’s face. That is priceless… and that is why you go in for personalized gifting!

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