What is your 2017 Label?

What if we dedicated each year to a new cause?

On average humans spend 50 years as healthy adults, with all the chatter about wanting to make a difference and trying something new, but not taking much action, coming up with new year’s resolutions and giving up after a week, what if we dedicated each year to a new cause and then taking smaller actions to fulfill that cause?

It can make for interesting dinner table conversations or first time conversations. Next time someone asks you what you do and the usual I work in IT or for a bank, I am a teacher , I work in the charity sector or I am a journalist, but there is more to all of us than what our jobs define us, what our beliefs are, what are we passionate about, what do we believe in? Sometimes our jobs aren’t directly related to what we believe in, what we want to bring change in, so if we were to dedicate each new year to a new cause and then work towards that cause, meet interesting people along the way and have a more purposeful life, what would you label your year as?

I label 2017 as the year of Storytelling, I want to tell the stories of different people and get to know more people leading different lives out there. For that I have decided to travel to 7 different countries this year and meet as many locals as I can, I have enrolled myself in 2 leadership programs that give me the opportunity to interact with different demographics and Socioeconomic backgrounds, I am making two documentaries one on young change makers and the other on women in tech (this one is for UN Empower Women). I am going to reach out to scientists and professors and social entrepreneurs and request for a Skype call to ask them more about their research and work. Next time someone asks me what I do? I won’t give the usual I work for a software consultancy, I will say I am a storyteller.

So what label are you giving to your 2017?

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