Dear Democrats, Read This If You Do Not Understand Why Trump Won
Trent Lapinski

She did not cheat. This did not happen. That is a stupid conspiracy theory made up by dumb BernieorBusters.

First of all, the DNC has no influence in how voters vote. Secondly, the primary elections are handled by the state, not the DNC. Thirdly, the caucuses is where the DNC can yield influence. Bernie won most caucuses.

Also, every damn conspiracy theory made up by a dumb BoB was disproved.

  1. California primaries were rigged:
  2. NY primaries were rigged and exit polls were showing Bernie won:

You cannot rely on exit polls. Every reliable pollster will tell you this during every elections. The exit polls of the generals were also wrong — you can read several articles on this topic from reliable sources.

Wikileaks is run by a bullshit person who doxxed women in Turkey, revealed the identity of a gay person and did not care. They have put lives of innocent people at risk for their agenda. They also condemned the source that made the Panama papers public because they revealed the names of Russian dignitaries and politicians. They have an agenda.

If you check the DNC mails, you’ll find 7 out of thousands which discuss the Bernie campaign. These discussions took place in late April/May and at that time Bernie actually had no chance of winning the nomination. You can go back and check the dates. In fact, Hillary was beating him with or without superdelegates.

All this proves that there was no rigging. So why did Bernie say that the primaries were being rigged against him? Because, like Trump, he’s a sad old man who couldn’t handle losing.

He lost because he did not get support from minorities. While he got overwhelming support from millenials, they are not the only voting block in the US.

What do you think? Hillary rigged the primaries then forgot to rig the general elections? Or that she didn’t rig the ’08 elections? She was the front runner in the ’08 elections and beat Obama in the popular vote category.

Also, Donald Trump won because of racism. Hillary got overwhelming support from minorities and the economically poor. Majority of people who earn below 50,000 annually voted for her.

Stop accusing other people of living in an echo chamber when you are so obviously living outside of reality.

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