Genuine Friendship in this Call Girls Industry at Delhi Escorts

2 min readSep 12, 2022

As one of the top-notch call girl diva with Delhi Escorts, it took a while to understand that in order to become and maintain the level of success that I am at present in, I really have to chart for myself some personal rules of dos and don it’s that I swear by no matter what. Friendship being in this industry is a word that I will only tread with high levels of caution as this aspect of life is often abused more than anything else. Let’s talk about the friendship between one call girl with another call girl. Yes, it’s only laughable as you will find that the more you become smart and achieving in any industry, the more will only divas become bitchy and envious of you for reasons that they may only imagine. The old saying that women are often the enemies of other women is so damn true and apparent that this truth holds still for any industry or career field at Independent Delhi Call Girls. I was burned more than thrice when I just started out in this industry trying to make something of my time to eventually get duped into feeling that any girl would actually genuinely be there for me unless she is a good tomboy. Still not at all reliable or dependable in any manner.

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