Enchanting Melbourne for International Students

Australia is globally recognized for the quality of its education and training, where magical Melbourne is a preferred destination for high achieving students. There have been many articles published of Melbourne being rated as one of the top cities for international students with the recognition of being the most livable city. I have managed to get some real views of international students from different Universities in Melbourne.

Why do you prefer to study in Melbourne?
After meeting and interacting with international students from different countries, their views and experiences seemed exciting and happy to be in Melbourne. Here are some interesting answers by some of the international students…...
“Making new friends all over the world is exciting as we have got international students from every part of the world and specially through engaging yourself in social activities with international education in the city like Melbourne” — Joyce Lee, 22 yrs old from China- Bachelor of Accounting
“Melbourne is multicultural and diverse with quality teaching standards with the freedom to provide your views” — Rahinul Hoque, 24 yrs old from Bangladesh- Master of Electronic Engineering
“Because the courses are CRICOS approved and has high standards, which are internationally recognized” — Kriti Nepune, 24 yrs old from Nepal- Master in International Development
“Living in Melbourne has made me more independent as I have more responsibilities of myself now, one day in the future I have to positively impact others” — Kyu Lee, 26 yrs old from South Korea- Bachelor of Accounting
“Students consider Melbourne as their second home; it’s got lot of recreational festivals and lots of things happening in city of Melbourne. It’s definitely worth coming, it’s not just the lifestyle but also multicultural atmosphere and you are exposed to loads of learning opportunities” — Sabrina Huan, 23 yrs from China- Bachelor of Marketing
“There was one very important thing for me, which was feeling safe and being respected for who I am, respective for my culture “— Rowa Ali, 33 yrs old from Saudi Arabia- Bachelor of Business
“Living in Melbourne is exciting everyday and specially the campus life is awesome with multicultural festival celebrations for everybody to participate in, the kind of exposure we get as an international students is truly commendable, but the only drawback is the high cost of tuition fees and costs of living”. 
— Sreyanich Chea, 20 yrs old from Cambodia- Bachelor of Business
“Studying in Melbourne is more than a land down under, land of kangaroos or wallabies or boomerang” it feels great to live in the city like Melbourne which is highly multicultural— Samya Fayaz, 20 yrs old from India- Bachelor of IT
“Choosing Melbourne was the best decision to learn more things that lie in my interest with advanced technology” — Nurl Zarifeah Ibrahim, 20 yrs old from Singapore- Bachelor of Aero Space Engineering
“What I like best about Melbourne is probably its diversity, starting basically with the food; you have got a variety of food found across the world “— Saad Ebrar, 25 yrs old from Pakistan- Master of International Business

Today the world-class education that the city offers, still attracts heaps of students every year and the experiences of these students from hundreds of countries shows that they feel welcomed, when they come to Melbourne, and supported in their growth as students and individuals. The only concern found was the high cost of tuition fees and costs of living, but this problem gives rise to the habit of being responsible. The education structure in Melbourne continues to be tremendous supporter of imaginative, innovative and autonomous thinking in the students who come in search of better education and opportunities.