Way to go!

Whom am I lying to? Whom am I hiding my night tears from? 
It will obviously hurt you when you don’t get something you have always wanted and dreamt of. How can it not hurt. How can the situation not break you down? 
But the magic is to let it go. The day I decided I won’t cry over my result but become an IIM in myself. I had held back my tears, my groans and disappointments 
I decided to write my own story , I braved parents talk, friends expectations and most of all my weakness. I gave up the institution but not the experience I wanted to have. I gave up the destination but not the path. I gave up the attachments to my dream but not my dream. 
Now almost a month past my decision to be something by the end of 2016 has reappeared like a monster. Asking all sorts of questions, douting my belief and conviction, testing me against all odds. 
It’s like the fight is against myself and i can’t succumb to my fears and inhibitions. I have failed getting up early , I have failed sleeping early but I haven’t given up on any of these things. Because the struggle is still on.... I am not giving UP that easily. I haven’t played my best cards yet, I haven’t pushed myself enough , I haven’t obviously tested the waters. 
But It’s okay to vent it out once and get done with it.

The time when I was writing it all down, I didn’t fight back my tears, I didn’t stop them from falling down , I didn’t Care to wipe my face. I just wanted it out once from my system so that I can experience what beautiful world I will be creating for myself. Taking out all mediocre things out of my system will help me fill it with all the rockstar things. You know it you are one, when you embrace your flaws, and still keep trying hard, harder and hardest day by day and then it will all come naturally to you? Isn’t it? 
Stop being hard on yourself , stop being judgemental about yourself. You are the only orginial copy created , don’t get yourself photocopied. You are your own color, your own shine. Your own paper. 
Okay? Vented out enough. I feel better , trust me I feel empowered to do something much better than I have been doing.

Not all days are of summer, you see rains too. And when you need rainbow you would have to deal with rain
 (I love rains)
Major takeaways from this long gloomy read are 
° you are bound to great things in life when you know you are being pulled back 
° you are a rockstar when crying doesn’t make you weak but stronger
° when you selflessly wish for the happiness of others , it brings happiness to you but billion times multiplied
(I know this point is out of context but it will make sense in the next blog feature) 
Stay tuned. A major revelation is on its way :D 
Goodnight! It’s never too late to write your heart out.

This picture always gives me hope and lots of sunshine :D

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