Shweta Narendernath
Jun 9, 2016 · 1 min read

So true! The following story heard from my friend helped change my approach to dealing with my kids which beautifully captures the essence of your article.

‘ A man couldn’t watch a struggling butterfly trying to make its way out of the cocoon, notwithstanding the struggle he helped make a larger hole in the cocoon thinking he might ease the process and can get to see butterfly fly early on.

Little did he realize that this had to be endured by the butterfly, as it was the only way that the bodily liquid in butterfly would squeeze it’s way into the wings, making it power it’s wings for its first takeoff.

Unfortunately, the butterfly just crawled around with withered wings and huge body. It was never able to fly all through its life.

This is such an important life lesson for raising kids that as parents we need to know when to handhold and when not to.

Shweta Narendernath

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