Make better UI/UX if you think the user first!

Shyam Adhikari
3 min readMay 22, 2020

Clear communication with the user is the working premise of good UI/UX design.

User interface and experience design

Every developer's and designer’s goal is to give the best of the app to the user. We are not designing our app for designers, developers, or app owners; we are doing it for the actual mass of people who are going to use the app.

From the end-user perspective,

What they see or care about.

1. Interface(font, colors, icons, spacing, illustrations etc.)

Your visual design language will be the foundation.

Interface design

2. Experience(How easy it is to use, finding what they need, easing, feeling of users over the app).

The first requirement for an exceptional user experience is to meet the exact needs of the customer without fuss or bother.

User experience

3. On the go (Less complication and no dilemma what happens next).

Incorporating simplicity into your designs will help you design better user interfaces.


4. Microinteractions(Movements, animations, slivers).

Their purpose is to delight the user and create a moment that is engaging and welcoming.

Micro interaction

5. Trust over the app (control over data inputs and permissions).

Providing a visual interface for inputs, permissions, and data security will add significant value.

Control over data inputs and permissions

What users don’t see (don’t care).

1.About app architecture.

2.About DBMS.

3. Tech stack used to develop.

4.Complexity on development or on adding features.

5. A bug is always a bug no matter how hard it is to reproduce.

Having said that, it doesn’t mean the backend isn’t your main concern; it's the backbone of your app. But it's equally important to think about what users want from your app and how they want to achieve it.

So think users first, think experience first.

Improving the UI/UX of an app can greatly affect the rate of downloads and reviews from users in the respective app stores.

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