Value proposition design

It is interesting that I caught myself on the perceptual bias the other day that I choose Lyft over Uber even though the former is usually a bit expensive, at least in my experience. Reflecting on my choice, I found that using Lyft app is easier for me. It might be navigation, design, speed… I cannot explain what exactly influences my unconscious choice. It reassured me the significance of design and functionality of platform services in a competing market.

As you have probably noticed, I am neither a tech person nor an advanced user, so are most of us in the technology invading world. I am a public servant with 15 years of experience in journalism and public service. My closest relationship with IT happened three years ago when I invited tech-guys to write software to measure high school students’ performance since a teacher assessing system did not give a full picture of what was going on in their cognitive minds. An excellent student of average school might easily become an average student in an excellent school. The idea was to introduce an impartial measurement system to doublecheck and to create incentives for teachers who were doing very well.

I have had some exposure to Canvas for the last three months which is a great resource, in my opinion. Nevertheless, I would suggest several things to add to.

1. Simple biography and photo+video of a student to the corner of the main menu.

2. Creating “one window” to make possible to follow all event across the university to choose from and add to the Canvas calendar without need to open knet, myharvard and other web-sites.

3. Adding a feature “transcription of lectures”, so for students, especially, ELS ones could make sure their takeaways.

As for activity from Value mapping, it is not clear for me yet, what is needed exactly from a customers part. I am still puzzled by buzz terms like gains, pains, gain creators or pain relievers. I understood the model like a survey with simple question: What do not you like? How do you see? Thus, my answer reflects my understanding of the assignment.


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