365 Day Journaling — Day #191 - Failure and disappointment

Divya Vartika
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Imagine you are part of a sports team ready to play in the coveted world cup which happens only once every four years. You and your team-mates are great players and are doing too well in the series. You are winning every match. You finally reach the semi-finals and you play ridiculously well in the first half. Then the game stops due to rains and is resumed the next day. And for the next 45 mins or so none of the players is able to play well due to some unknown reason.

Due to this bad performance, you lose the match and are now out of the series. You are disappointed. Your friends, family, fans, in fact, an entire nation is disappointed. Media then asks you the dreaded question — your comments on this loss. What do you say? Do you defend yourself and your team? Do you say you are not worthy of a win? Do you say you will do better next time?

More importantly, what do you tell yourself? You know you did your best and so did your teammates. But somehow that was not enough. Not today at least. On other matches, your best was enough to guarantee you a spectacular win. But today it led you to a loss.

This happened in a sports event that many may or may not follow. But this scenario also happens in our real lives as well.

We study for years. We prepare well for that one standardised test we are going to appear for that will help us get admission in some coveted college or land us some dream job or it may be something else. We may prepare and prepare and then on the final day of the test, we fall so sick that we can't even attend the exam. Or maybe we do attend the exam but are not able to perform our best.

The same questions we prepared so well over the last several months now confuse our minds. We are not able to solve questions as fast as we did in the practice tests. Or maybe we did everything we could but still, when the results came, we find ourselves on the wrong side of the cutoff line. It may be the case that while we did our best, others did better than us.

So, what do we do then? When we miss our chance. When we lose the match. Do we lose heart and give up. That's definitely one option and many will support that. Sometimes that's the only option for us. Sometimes there are no do-overs. Sometimes we do get to wait and prepare again and give our best again.

Whatever may be the situation you find yourself into, remember that this is not the end of the world. Losing a match is not the end of the world. Not qualifying in a test is not the end of the world. Even if we do not get another chance, we will find a different way.

Sometimes, things are not in our control. What is indeed in our control is what we do next. Giving up and moving on to the next thing is not a wrong thing and neither is trying again and again until you get what you are aiming for. You need to think and access the situation and then take the best course of action.

Divya Vartika

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