365 Day Journaling — Day #193 - Completion

And how good it feels to finish something…

Aug 1 · 3 min read
Tools for a DIY Project
Tools for a DIY Project
Photo by Eugen Str on Unsplash

I bet you must have seen the kind of home furniture that we buy online and it comes in a box and we need to assemble it ourselves. Kind of like a big DIY project. I ordered one such item (clothes rack) recently and it arrived today.

Now I am not a very hands-on person. I can use a screwdriver and maybe that's where my handyman capability ends. But luckily for me, this particular rack came in lots of pieces and required only a screwdriver for assembling.

It took me upwards of two hours to assemble it all but at the end, I managed to get it upright and ready for use and it didn't collapse right on the go so that an achievement.

I started from the bottom and kept following the instructions one by one. Several times I made a mistake and attached the pieces in a wrong way. Then I had to take it apart and start again. But slowly and steadily I managed to get it upright.

Seeing the completed project made me feel like I achieved something very big. It may be something that others might finish in 30 mins or maybe less and will definitely do a better job than me. But this was my project and my achievement.

This whole experience made me aware of something profound. Being an IT person, I have always dealt with virtual goods. Digital stuff — things you cant actually touch and feel.

In my job as well, the documents or reports or basically anything we create is a digital end product. It can be only seen on the laptop screen or may be projected on a wall. We do take unnecessary prints sometimes but that is just wasting paper in my opinion.

My writing is virtual so far. I mean I do not yet have a physical book or anything to hold in my hands. These articles I post here or on my personal website are purely virtual. They are stored in some servers in some corner of this world in binary form and whenever someone clicks on a particular link, a series of ones and zeros are transmitted from those servers which create the text that you are currently reading.

These days we deal with digital goods a lot. Be it music streaming service or streaming TV shows and movies or even reading eBooks, articles or even newspapers and magazines online. We rapidly moving to digital goods. Our consumption pattern has started to shift.

Earlier access and preference between tangible and intangible was greater. It is apparent in our mode of communication as well. We have moved from handwritten letters to text messages that use maybe a letter or two to express what we want to communicate.

In this rapidly shifting intangible world, it feels strangely good anytime I get something tangible. I remember how impressed I was when I got a handwritten note along with some silver jewellery I ordered online. That simple gesture by a then small company touched a new customer.

Today when I successfully assembled a small piece of furniture, it showed me how much I loved creating something I can actually hold in my hands. Something tangible. It is a very satisfying feeling.

The satisfaction was not only because of the tangible product. But it was just a reminder telling me that finishing a project feels way better than seeing folder upon folder of half baked ideas.

I have my own share of in progress folders full of abandoned story ideas. Notebooks which are full of scenarios and characters. I have way too many project plans than I can remember. But so far nothing has been taken to completion.

The feeling I got from completing this assembly was sweet and satisfying. I am hoping to get a taste for it and then keep finishing more and more projects and ideas to get it again and again.

Divya Vartika

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