365 Day Journaling — Day #194 — Chemistry Lab

Divya Vartika
Photo by Ibrahim Boran on Unsplash

I loved my school. Well, most of the time at least. And for the most parts. I had wonderful teachers and support staff. Our principal was pretty caring for most parts. I had good friends and studies came easily to me most of the times.

But there are few corners in my school that were really scary for me. Particularly my old chemistry lab. It definitely depends on how much I hated chemistry as a subject as well. Actually, this hatred was not in the initial years but rather the last two years in school.

I hated theoretical chemistry and I carried that feeling to the lab as well. And to be honest, a room full of shelves upon shelves of strange chemicals will give creeps to many.

So, I remember being the lab wearing my white lab coat carrying my books and notebooks desperately trying to understand which chemical to add to which beaker and what observations to note. Was it the colour change this time or smell and was it suppose to smoke like that.

I have always been a little uncoordinated. My hand-eye coordination is so bad that I can never catch a pen or key if someone throws it my way. Now add sweaty palms due to nerves and you get the clumsiest girl in the entire lab.

Most of the time I was worried about dropping a test tube or a beaker and spilling god know what chemical everywhere. Last two years in school were not my best.

Till this date, I get nightmares where I am in school again and have to go through the last two years again. Things go well until I reach the chemistry lab and then the panic attack starts. I mean I would love to relive my last two years in school if only I don't have to study chemistry again.

Divya Vartika

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