365 Day Journaling — Day #195 — Taking responsibility

Divya Vartika
Photo by Rohan Makhecha on Unsplash

Today I watched a movie based on a true story. The theme was being brave and doing what you love. But what attracted me the most was something else. The lesson that drove it home in my mind is something different.

It was about taking responsibility. There was a question in the movie where the hero says — if I don't do this then who will. I know this is probably not the most original sentiment. Every second self-help book/article and even inspirational quotes online say the same thing.

If not you then Who

If not now then When

None of the quotes or fancy pictures or books or articles drove this point deep inside my head as this movie did.

I realised that I have to take responsibility and take the required action for anything I want in life. Be it my personal relationships or building my career. If I want something, I need to take responsibility. I can't wait for anyone else to come and fix my problems for me.

Similarly, no one else is going to come and make my life pleasurable. I need to do it myself. I can ask for help and I will get others to accompany me on my journey. But it is my responsibility. So I have to take accountability. I need to keep moving on my path. If others are with me then well and good. But it's not possible for me to make others move with me or stop them from moving on leaving me behind. Everyone is on their own journey and they will keep moving on their own pace.

Taking action is in my control. What actions others take is not under my control.

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