Countdown to 40

On April 23 I’m turning 40. I’m still the chubby kid I was when… I was a kid.

I am the heaviest I have ever been and it is time to take control and get back to being comfortable with myself. I have started this journey multiple times a year, but now I have this number looming ahead of me. 40.

I achieved success with Weight Watchers years ago but I have a short attention span and after I have accomplished something I tend to move on. I can’t go back.

I have tried everything, I have read many books, I know what is good for me, I know what is bad. I know what I should not eat and I know what I should.

The issue is that I’m not accountable. As an adult I relish in the thought that I have free will. I like to enjoy life. I like to bake. I like to cook. I like food.

Lucky for me, alcohol and empty calories are not an issue. I can do without alcohol and that makes it easier, but I still like to eat for the sake of eating and that is my weakness.

I’m not a stress eater, maybe I eat when I’m bored, but I think it is physchological. I know it makes me feel gross. I know it gives me the shits when I eat too much. I think I’m like a goldfish, feed me until I die. And then I’ll keep eating. I need to break that cycle.

I have half my life to continue living and I want to live it healthy. I want to not get diabetes. And I want to not have to move into XXL territory … I’m already there in Japan.

I’m going to make myself accountable. I already exercise but that is actually the easy part. Eating is the hard part.

Follow my journey until 40 on my Instagram account. I have a celebratory cruise on February 5 but I have set vacation goals before and there is always a vacation after to move the goal to. I don’t get that luxury with 40.

I’m going to post 1 picture a day.