#2 #MyDearNxus


3rd January 2054,
Amazon Forests.

Just finished dinner with onions. Cigar has been doped with something, but it feels like, super good. I feel more comfortable now that I built my own computer. There seem to be an awful lot of crashes around this place. I also built a receptor for the sun. No animals around this place, yet. No pings collected by my phone either.

There was a dream in the morning where humanity had a lot of garbage on itself. Piles and piles of waste material, not knowing what to do, irresponsibly thrown here and there. Like some metaphorical graveyard. I don’t know. It’s just weird to get such a dream in this nice clean forest is what I’m puzzled about. Hut is unclean. All my gadgets are thrown here and there. I cornered the computer to a, wait for it, corner! #PJ. My room maybe a mess but at least I take care of my mess. It’s MY MESS.

While I was searching in the plane wrecks, I didn’t count how many, I found some ancient books. There’s this bill of some sort dating to 2010. And a bunch of old books. I picked a book called Islam. It was a cool cult apparently. But then our folks got bored of it and blew themselves up. Cults are always fascinating. The artwork in the book was even better. Nice taste they had. I was reading this one passage and I found a large connect with my time travel.

It’s like how there’s an old puzzle, seed or tree — which came first. Seed and tree are fundamentally different organisms even though they are connected by causality. What stays true is the mimic of pattern through the nature of will. In other words time and space are patterns not organisms.

That’s too much lecture for a day, I’ll go now.