Romantic Relationships

A lot of books, movies, and television shows convey the message that romantic relationships are the solution to every single problem in this world.

Oh, your mother just died? Here comes Prince Charming to sweep you off of your feet so that you can move on from that in less than five seconds. Oh! You don’t love yourself? That’s okay, here comes someone who will love you until you can learn to show yourself the same amount of love. If not more.

Sigh. Romantic relationships are not the solution to anything. They aren’t meant to be used or seen as remedies. And it’s taken a while for even me to fully accept this, but there’s more to life than always being in one.

Yes, loving and being loved in return is a beautiful thing. Very, very beautiful. And having that special someone by your side, in your life, is amazing. I don’t deny that. However, your life should never revolve around either being in one or pursuing one. You will only lose yourself in the process.

Relationships with people are mere additions to your life. They should never be the main focus of it. And if that is the case, I suggest you do a little soul-searching so that you can eventually tweak the way you view them as a whole.

It’s often difficult to go against what is constantly being taught or shown to you. However, you have the power to do so. Use it.

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Originally published at on April 19, 2016.