Things to do while taking your Phuket diving course

The first thing to know: the ‘h’ of Phuket is silent; it should read ‘Poukette’ and not ‘Fuket’! It is the largest of the islands of Thailand and one of the most visited destinations as it is the main gateway to visit the south of the country. Now that you have decided on your venue for your Phuket diving course, you should also know the other exciting things to do during your free time. The main attraction of Phuket is on its beaches but there are also many activities to do: excursions to the surrounding islands, taking lessons in Thai cooking or massage.

From May to October, it is the rainy season, but there are obviously fewer people on the beaches and the prices of the hotel rooms are lower. It can rain in the late afternoon or early evening, but usually, the days are sunny. Don’t worry the seasons do not affect your Phuket diving course, these are offered all year long.

Here are 5 things to see and do absolutely during a trip to Phuket:

1 — The beaches of Phuket

One can simply admire the scenery on the beaches or do activities such as snorkeling, walking or swimming. Phuket scuba diving is one of the most practiced activities since the marine life is breathtaking. If you can spare some few hours from your Phuket Diving course, you can fit in there a course in Phuket scuba diving.

2 — Diving in Similan Islands

For diving enthusiasts, it is possible to reach the Similan Islands from Phuket. If you do not feel you are confident yet despite your diving lessons, it is also possible to snorkel there. A little further north, near the Surin Islands, is Richelieu Rock which is also a popular snorkel spot (manta rays and whale sharks!). All the best place for the best experience of diving in Phuket, Thailand!

3 — See the sunsets

Phuket has many views from which to admire the landscape, accessible on foot or by vehicle (be careful if you are scouter, the roads are dangerous!). You can admire beautiful sunsets. One of the most popular spots is Promthep. Also try the view of Kata-Karon, Radar Hill, or Windmill Viewpoint for stunning views.

4 — The Old Town of Phuket

With its remnants of Sino-Portuguese colonial architecture and elegant Chinese houses dating back to the beginning of the 20th century, strolling through the Old Town district gives a glimpse of what Phuket once was, herbalists, its old hotels, its local markets and its old shops.

5 — The statue of the great Buddha

This huge statue of Buddha is made of white marble that comes from Burma. It stands at the top of Nakkerd Hill. With its 25 meters high, the statue is visible from anywhere on the part of Phuket. It is a religious site, so think about covering your shoulders and legs if you visit the site (sarongs are provided free of charge for women). Of course, you can go there simply to enjoy the superb view.