I’m Indonesian and I’m proud….

Dawan tribe, the original face of Timor people, Indonesia. They’re all beauty and handsome. Aren’t they ?

I looked around, there was a sound was softly whispered...

"I'm around the white and now I'm smiling at you over the blue. I'm close to you. I am on the street. On the trees, flowers, with the animals, I'm playing with the kids.

I'm on human, I'm hiding on their nice face, on their smiling, their crying, laughing, in people eyes, on their hair, I can be between people around you. I can sing and I'm a song. I can give you a beautiful rythm and sound. I do dancing as well.

I come to your morning, your night, your bright and even your dark way. I present everyday, through the rain, the snow and thunder. I am everywhere and anywhere.

You can do anything to me as long as it makes you happy. No...You don't need to wait me, coz I've been doing it with all my heart. I'm there on your sleeping as well.

You can always have me even when you close your eyes. Don't find me way too hard. I'm near to you. I'm there inside your heart. Just feel every moments and everything that universe has been giving to you. Have a wonderful in life and see you around in everywhere and anytime... "

From : Me....The Master of the universe...

#backpacking #travelling #human #photography #ethnic #happiness

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