“Qua Gratia Gratum”

Gratefuly grateful

This may makes sense to you or nothing at all. But I need to tell you something.

First of all let me ask...

”Aren’t you tired over this living? Me, I do feel so weary and weak...!".

This is based on what I've seen in this life around me. The truth is that life doesn't come easy when you walk with God everyday. It doesnt stop the struggle as soon as you may ever thought. You are pushed to be different when some people around us are living it glamorously.

It is true, God never promises a good day or an easy way. But He promises us a precious thing that will blessing like a strength as we turn to old. One day we will realize that life isn't only about wordly stuff. I didn't say I don't need money, property or kind of those things, but God said there is something which is more valuable than those earthly stuffs. There are things that money can't buy.

You may have all the treasures, you may be famous or own the world but unfortunately you can't have the time while nothing lasts forever. Are you aware? How many of us are haunted by the fear, worry, exhausted and weary over those worldly things? Aren't we tired..!? I see most of the people on earth understands this when they grow older, when they realize that they're not fame or have the strength anymore, when they are already satisfied with the pleausre of the world...when the time comes we search for the strength which is no body could give instead of God. Where have we been during this time? Young people are mostly attracted to the gliterry things.

We search for the world not for Him. We belive (mostly) God creates the universe, everthings are owned by Him, He never ask what we have, but He want us, our heart and our time...if only we believe in Him. Now your turn and choose wisely...

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