Food Truck Thursday photos

Thursday, Oct. 26 marked the last Food Truck Thursday of the year. This event takes place at Miller Park from 11 am — 2 pm every Thursday from the beginning of April until the end of October. The local food truck selection switches weekly, offering Nomad Coffee, T&E Catering, Uprooted and Appetite Creamery this week.
Lynchburg locals receive their food from T&E Catering Gourmet Food Truck. As one of the most popular trucks, T&E sells chicken sandwiches, burgers, chicken and potato rice bowls and, Thursday’s crowd favorite, “Dirty Fries”.
Liberty University student Darrel Jones is all smiles while waiting in line to order his Nomad Coffee. This truck features unique coffee flavors like raspberry, blackberry and white chocolate. The wandering coffee truck also donates 5 percent of their proceeds to Light Change, an organization in Lynchburg that donates redeemable support tokens to those in need of items such as food and clothing.
Anthony Lacks, a substitute bus driver for Hailfax County Public Schools, drove high school students one hour and 20 minutes to Miller Park for a culinary class field trip. This was his first time attending Food Truck Thursday. He said it reminded him of a park near where he grew up in Baltimore, Maryland.
While Food Truck Thursday is populated by many students and professionals, it is also a family lunch affair for many in the Lynchburg area. The park’s green spaces and play-grounds provide a fun space for children to enjoy in addition to their food.
Uprooted colorfully displays their menu for customers in Miller Park. This down-to-earth food truck is the organic option at Food Truck Thursday, offering dishes made from meat, vegetables and other produce purchased directly from local farmers.