Lead Sentence Practice 2

Curriculum Changes

Who? Liberty University president

What? Changes in graduation requirements

When? Fall 2016

Where? Liberty University

How? Incoming students must take math, computer science and foreign language

Why? Because only 15 percent of students took foreign language and only 20 percent a math course

Due to low interest in some courses, Liberty University added the mandatory taking of one math, computer science and foreign language course to the graduation requirements for incoming students for fall 2016.


Who? Vanderbilt University’s homecoming queen, cheerleader and 22-year-old senior, daughter to attorney Jim Bensen

What? Was arrested for the third time in six months

Where? 211 Green Grove Drive

When? Tuesday night

How? While driving

Why? For driving under the influence of alcohol

Vanderbilt University senior, cheerleader, homecoming queen and straight-A student was arrested and given a DUI for the third time in six months on Tuesday night at 211 Green Grove Drive.


Who? 25 Christians, pastor and biology teacher

What? Group is going to speak to legislators

Where? The state capital

When? Monday February 29

How? The class at University of Toledo teaching evolution

Why? Evolution is against the principles of a Christian country

On Monday February 29 a group of 25 Christians will head to the state capital to speak with legislators about the University of Toledo teaching evolution and argue that it is against country principles.


Who? Woman, Amburn’s Produce Market

What? Suit filed on negligence for $100,000

Where? Circuit Court, 313 Journey Road

When? April 1

How? Woman slipped and broke her hip

Why? Because green beans were left on the floor

Amburn’s Produce Market was sued for negligence at Circuit Court for $100,000 by a woman due to health issues from an incident at the market April 1.

Agreement Announced

Who? President of Ambrose Steel Company and president of United Steelworkers Local 923

What? Strike has been called off and a substantial wage agreement has been made

When? Wednesday night

How? The company and union have reached a collective bargaining agreement

Why? Because if production at Ambrose would have stopped, 457 steelworkers would have been put off also

Ambrose Steel Company and the local steelworkers union presidents announced they reached an conclusion that led to Wednesday nights’ strike being canceled hours before it would take place.

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