Sibcoin Foundation public report July 2018

Aug 27, 2018 · 2 min read

PR / Articles / Announcements:

  • Publication about Sibcoin exchange rate increase to 31% and increase of trading volume
  • ColorSIB wallet alpha version update announcement
  • Announcement regarding Sibcoin listing on Blocknet decentralized exchnage
  • Artem Gurevich (COO Sibcoin Foundation) interview about Sibcoin and current market status on Future Times
  • Announcement regarding Sibcoin listing on OpenBazaar marketplace
  • Announcement regarding successfull testing sessions for masternode collateral increase to 4000 SIB
  • Announcement regarding Oleg Pokrovsky starting as Sibcoin Foundation CTO
  • Sibcoin roadmap publication for 2018–2019
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Work with community and partners:

  • Running the vote for masternode collateral increase
  • “Guess Sibcoin exchange rate” contest on forum
  • Running the vote for Sibcoin listing on
  • Sibcoin listing application for Blocknet decentralized exchange
  • Artem Gurevich (COO Sibcoin Foundation) participation in the Crypto Show s1.e2. jury panel
  • Artem Gurevich participation in GameNode conference
  • Running the vote for August SMM plan approval
  • Running the vote (ongoing vote)

Recurrent/ ongoing tasks:

  • Work on rebranding
  • Work on the new Sibcoin website version
  • Development team interaction coordination
  • Activities in social networks

  • activities in chats/group


Dear friends, your help can help us achieve our common goals quicker. Any donation will be used to further develop and increase Sibcoin publicity. Together we are strong!


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