Sibcoin Foundation’s public report for May 2018

Here is our monthly report for May for the Foundation’s worldwide activities in May

Marketing and PR (RU)

Author’s columns:

· Financial Week published a weekly overview of the crypto currency market, including Sibcoin. You can read it the column authored by Alexander Novozhenov here: (RU)

· In his new author’s column on the portal, Alexander Novozhenov — the head of the Sibcoin Foundaton fund — talks about the movements and transactions in venture investments. For more information you can follow this link: (RU)

Marketing and PR (ENG)

Strategy for the English-speaking markets:

· We’ve created the basic toolkit for future PR activities — the press kit, which gives a media-friendly background about (1) Sibcoin, (2) The Sibcoin Foundation and (3) the biography of Alexander Nozovhenov — the head of the Sibcoin Foundation. The documents will be available in the ‘Press / Media’ section of the new website and will help journalists to put Sibcoin into context as stories emerge

· Relevant journalists in the main English speaking cryptocurrency and fintech have been identified. Sibcoin will look to develop these relationships and the journalists will be receiving the press briefings from the PR team in order to further raise Sibcoin’s brand awareness and trust

· The team has been carefully working on its plans to approach the media. In the light of the currently turbulent times for the cryptocurrency, one of our main objectives is to make sure that Sibcoin is a trustworthy and credible

Commentary (RU)

· The long-term impact of the negative news about the crypto-world, according to most participants in the crypto community, should have been neutralised by the start of the Consensus 2018, however the harsh reality turned out to be unpredictable. There are three professional experts, including Alexander Novozhenov who shared the true reasons for such a prolonged fall and prospects for the future with BitCryptNews: (RU)

· The rapid development of the crypto industry puts regulators in a difficult position. They either have to keep up with the current developments or slow them down with limiting or prohibitive regulation, the latter potentially supportive of the traditional economy. However, not all countries are so categorical. On the contrary, for many, the development of cryptocurrency and the creation of national coins can be a way forward. Read the review material “Who benefits from national crypto-currencies” with the expert opinion of Alexander Novozhenov, Head of the Sibcoin Foundation: (RU)

· Celebrities are launching their coins, too, and Sibcoin is present! Read more information on Hi-Tech: (RU)

· Russian newspaper Kommersant has prepared a large review of the market, which is due to be published in the beginning of June using Sibcoin Foundation’s comments

Interviews (RU)

Two interviews are prepared for the profile area of CryptoCartel Club:

· Roman Bykov, Sibcoin Foundation’s crypto-evangelist, shared his expert opinion with CryptoCartel Club: “I think that the crypto currency will deprive the state of a monopoly on issuing money”. Read more: -chto-kriptovalyuta-lishit-gosudarstva-monopolii-na-vypusk-deneg (RU)

· Ivan Rodionov, the Sibcoin Foundation’s development director, shared his expert opinion with the CryptoCartel Club: “Crypto currency will repeat the fate of fiat money in terms of regulation in the next 5–10 years”. Read more:

Media opportunities and interviews (ENG)

· Alexander Novozhenov — the head of Sibcoin Foundation — had an extensive podcast interview with Business Reporter’s Editor — one of the leading business publications in the UK, widely read by C-level executives: — the podcast interview will be available in the end of July / beginning of August

· Sibcoin Foundation will be mentioned also in the print version of the Business Reporter supplement. The issue will be featured in autumn, exact date to be confirmed.

· Alexander Novozhenov wrote an op-ed piece for the UKTN ( about the state of cryptocurrency in the Baltics and why it is becoming a preferred playground for investors. The publication’s due date is available in the end of July / beginning of August

Conferences (RU)

· May 17: within the framework of the program “Blocking and crypto-currencies for investors, managers and entrepreneurs” in MIRBIS, Artem Gurevich delivered a speech on the advantages of local crypto-currencies in the example of Sibcoin:

· May 18: Roman Bykov, from the Sibcoin Foundation, delivered a report on “Features of managing crypt portfolios” at the Togliatti International Forum:

· May 19: the Sibcoin Foundation speakers Roman Bykov (“What can become a new catalyst that can bring growth back to the crypto currency market?”) and Ivan Rodionov (“Can the regulation of the crypto-currency market deprive it of decentralization”) participated in the international online conference on blockade, cryptocurrency and ICO. The conference reports are available via the link: (Ivan Rodionov’s speech starts at at 2h35m and Roman Bykov’s at 3h16m)

· May 23: Artem Gurevich spoke on the topic “Mining: HYIP or business?”

· May 29: Roman Bykov, the Sibcoin Foundation’s crypto-evangelist, visited the largest community for investors, miners and ICO starters:

Video (RU)

We’ve determined the list and the plan of works for launching the English version of the foundation’s YouTube channel, which will be launched in June.

We created a new rubric with all the online interviews and speeches of our evangelists. Subscribe to our channel and you will not miss any online event!

· Crypto Minute (April’s report):

· Crypto Minute (exchanger in wallet):

· Crypto Minute (competition with the prize of 1000 Sibcoins):

· Sibcoin is 3 years old, drawing prizes:

· Sibcoin’s Intro:

· Exchange of Crypto currency:

· Our People (questions from the portal — RRubka):

Community (RU)

We are undertaking a poll of Russian-speaking and English-speaking communities in order to learn the demographics of participants and to identify the opportunities to improve communication within the community. Currently searching for regional managers to develop foreign communities.

Corporate (RU)

Preparation of a roadmap for 2018, which will outline the main tasks and projects, plans for their implementation as well as the global strategy, which is developed by the Sibcoin’s team.

Work on the new website was conducted:

· Layout and installation of CMS pages, blogs and static pages

· Design and writing a technical assignment on the FAQ section


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