Dangers of Life Style Gurus and Modern Slavery

Information is everywhere

Everybody who can write or can take a photo on their phones can now be a guru on anything without being an actual expert or experience

How this is possible?

It is possible because of people

who stops listening themselves

who denies themselves

since these people lost the reference to themselves

they need others to tell them

what should I eat?

what should I wear?

where should I go for vacation?

what creme should I use?

There is a difference between catching inspiration and doing exactly what somebody else is doing

It is a fine line between freedom and slavery

This behavior spread out like a virus due to social media

But at the end this never works

If you follow diets that is offered by others on their Instagram accounts,

and if you don’t listen yourself

if you don’t observe your body and its reactions

when you eat

it will never work

When you copy somebody’s style it never works

When you organize your life because some spiritual guru told you, it never works

When you do things because others do, you will never find the joy

Because each person is unique and different

From each other

Inspiration is an amazing thing, it widens perception

But make sure you don’t take it exactly as it is

Because if you do, you lose the originality

You become a copy

Add something from yourself from this inspiration

And better STOP before copying

Is it what you really need?

Is that advice that is given to you?

Do you really want to eat that?

Does that color really work on you?

That kind of meditation

is this really what you need

STOP and listen

thats the only way to stay free

If you want to find what makes you look beautiful and thin, go to the nearest ZARA or clothing store with lots of different clothing

Choose lots of different styles

Try them and look at the mirror