World and dreaming

The drama and context of our dreams are ridiculously weird

But we are never aware of its weirdness during the dream

It all seems very real

One night when I was experiencing a dream with lots of weird drama , I suddenly realized that I was indeed dreaming

I felt so alive and free at that moment

I realized that all this drama I was part of it is just a dream

Then I decided to ditch this drama and decided something else

I said since this is a dream I can do anything I want

So I decided to fly

It was hard at the beginning but then I started flying

When I woke up , this amazing lucid dream made me realize one thing.

We all engage in many unnecessary drama in our lives

We are now aware how much of this unnecessary drama stops ourselves in life

We got stuck in a story line and we seem we can’t get out of it

But we do have a choice

We can realize that all this drama is unnecessary and does not have any purpose and benefit for our lives

that way without escaping we can consciously release the drama and try something amazing

Something that does not involve drama

Something that we discover for be first time

Like flying like free birds :)