What is the Frappe framework?

[official docs] Frappe is a full-stack, batteries-included, web framework written in Python and Javascript. It is the framework that powers ERPNext. It is pretty generic and can be used to build database-driven apps.

Frappe framework is more like no/less code, configuration oriented framework. It is a Meta-data driven web framework written in Python and Javascript with MariaDB as its database.

Key features of Frappe are:

  • ORM support
  • Auto-generated UI based on Meta-data
  • Provides users, user roles, and permissions
  • Comes with the scheduler (python RQ) for background jobs
  • Real-time notifications and web sockets
  • Templating based on Jinja
  • Multi-language support comes out…

At some point in our software dev life, we would have worked on creating/consuming the API’s. Most of the time we have arguments with other dev’s over the language and framework we use to build the application. We always consider the framework as more secured because of its wide popularity in the market and contribution to it.

So, as soon as we get familiar with a framework we tend to believe that it’s the best and secured until some serious security issue gets exposed.I am not an exception in this, as I had a little experience in Django(python) and I…


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