Photo by Scott Umstattd on Unsplash

They were all too familiar with people who came to mourn with the family but ended up leaving disgruntled because they didn’t receive the care and attention they had expected. Like a few months ago at Lungelo’s funeral, when everyone had returned from the graveyard and people had gathered outside…

I was unnerved by the stillness in the room as soon as I walked in. A strange quiet chaos lingered. The room itself felt as though it was harboring some lost moment, as if it was waiting to become someone’s memory of a home. I sat on the bed and looked around the room. For a moment, everything in the room made me believe that nothing had changed; the neatly arranged pillows, the quaint table with a wooden top and steel legs, where she marked her student’s papers, the textbooks on top of the table, all of these things carried a disquieting sameness.

CJ Gomolemo


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