Second Draft of Website Critique

Critique about Access Missouri Website :

The First Task:

  • Process of task: The first task I try to complete is looking through the home page to see what this website generally include.Then here are all the problem I found on the home page.
  • Issues I ran into and how design element helped or hindered: I found three problems in this task. First, I found on the navigation bar on the home page is not in the center of the page, but on the other pages is in the center of the page. This inconsistency of design will make customer confused and uncomfortable. Here is the screenshot.

The second problem is that I found the format of headline in the content is not consistent. For exmaple, “Set up your personal dashboard” looks smaller than “Explore Missouri Politics”, and the first letter of each word in the later headline was capitalized when the that of former doesn’t. Also, the line under later headline is longer than the line under former headline. Inconsistent size and format of headline makes home page look not very artistic. Here is the screenshot.

The third problem I found is that the searching bar looks too huge on the home page, which even bigger than the headline: Explore Missouri Politics. Two searching bars fully take up all the space on window, which looks not very harmonious and artistic.

Suggestions and Feedback: For home page, first, make the navigation bar in the center of the page. The consistent location of navigation bar would looks better. Second, make the size, font, and format of headline and content respectively consistent. For example, don’t make some headlines look bigger when some headlines look smaller. Third, make searching bar on the homepage smaller. The good exmple from other website is KOMU: Look at the searching bar on the top and login bar. The size is pretty appropriate. Most website’s searching bar uses the similar size with this KOMU example.

The Second task:

  • Process of task: The second task I try to finish is going to see who are lawmakers, so I look at navigation bar and click on the lawmakers. There are three problems I found during the process so far.
  • Issues I ran into and how design element helped or hindered: First, I found when I put the mouse on the lawmakers on the navigation bar, the showing light-blue shadow doesn’t fully cover this word:

The second problem is still the same with one of the problem on the home page:The size of searching bar is too huge. Three searching bar take up all the window, and comparing with the searching bar “filter” tab looks too small. These design are out of proportion, which looks not artistic.

The third problem is that for the lawmakers introduciton part, I think designer leave too much blank on the right part. All lawmaker info are list on the left, which looks not well balanced. Here is the screenshot.

Suggestions and Feedback:First, make the light-blue shadow showing on the navigaiton bar fully cover the word which you are about to click it. Second, make the searching bar smaller and “filter”tab bigger. Third, designer could make two lines for lawmakers info rather than put all lawmaker info in one line on the left. Here is the good example of professor info on the agriculture college’s website. They make three lines, but since there are not many lawmakers info so far on the access mizzou, we can just make two lines.

In general I think if they can fix these problems, their website would look perfect!