A Measured Response to Wiping Out Flu Season

It’s that time of year again — cold and flu season. In the days before Sickweather, most people simply hoped for the best and prepared for the worst without really knowing when and where the risk of illness would be greater. Now is the time we see a steady call-to-action in doctor’s offices, clinics, and restaurant bathrooms to: Cough Into Your Elbow, Get Your Flu Shot, and Wash Your Hands. These ever-present, well-meaning instructions eventually and unfortunately become white noise, and every year people let their guard down. That’s because you can’t effectively manage what you can’t measure.

As Sickweather has stepped into the role of real-time measurement of acute symptomatic illnesses like cold and flu, this allows people and organizations to better manage that risk with equally acute calls-to-action. Suddenly, a high SickScore in your area provides actionable and meaningful context to get your flu shot or wash your hands. This is where measurement leads to management, and why we’ve announced partnerships with experts like Families Fighting Flu this season to help inform people which specific actions they can take to avoid getting sick. And one of those actions is disinfecting surfaces.

Last year we announced our partnership with Clorox and I’m excited to say that we are once again partnering with them to help wipe out flu season (see what I did there?). It can’t be overstated how important disinfecting surfaces can be to preventing the spread of illness in your workplace, school or home. Studies have shown that the flu virus can survive on hard surfaces for up to 24 hours — not to mention other germs that can survive up to 48 hours. Once that flu virus gets picked up on your hands, you are a lot more likely to become infected. As such, household hygiene and hand hygiene together are the unsung heroes of flu season.

During our partnership last year, Clorox delivered timely prevention tips through Sickweather’s Groups. These messages had nearly 6x the CTR (click thru rate) of industry standards. So take heed when you see messages from Clorox show up in Sickweather Groups and when you are playing with the Clorox-branded sympathy button — it means flu season is here.

Originally published at www.sickweather.com.

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