Sickweather Announces New Market-Level Flu Forecast

Forecasting national flu and allergies trends up to 15 weeks out with 85%+ accuracy is something Sickweather has been doing for a while. Today, the company announced these flu predictions are now available at your local market level.

Sickweather now provides market-level forecasts for influenza for 50 cities with more in development.

As the world’s first real-time map of human health, Sickweather collects and processes millions of illness reports each month to deliver a hyper-local view of what’s going around in a specific area. Flu, colds, allergies and a variety of other illnesses are tracked daily across the country and around the world.

Nationally, Sickweather predicts flu activity will gain strength starting the week of Thanksgiving there will be a steady increase until the first peak of the season in the second week of January 2019. However, each individual market has a unique pattern which feeds into that prediction.

This new market level detail offers Sickweather clients the ability to more effectively plan distribution and marketing of healthcare supplies such as vaccines and OTC medications, but also creates opportunities to improve staffing efficiencies for healthcare providers and businesses.

“The later, less intense season means manufacturers and marketers of OTC flu relief products will be competing more intensely,” says Laurel Edelman, Sickweather Chief Revenue Officer and sector subject matter expert. “The sales window will be limited to Q1 for most areas of the country and the number of people in need of remedies is expected to be less.”

Data from Sickweather is used by healthcare providers to help determine how much patient demand there may be for services as well as staffing necessary to treat patients. Pharmaceutical companies and vaccine manufacturers also use Sickweather data to plan logistics for product distribution. OTC drug makers use the data for promoting awareness of illness and triggering advertising campaigns to target areas of need.

“As we continue to enhance the Sickweather application and our forecasting abilities, we are able to provide more geographically targeted forecasts.” Says Graham Dodge, CEO and President. “The greater the detail, the greater the ability to provide actionable information for our clients and the public as a whole.”

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