Sickweather® in LiveRamp offers new illness-based, targeted OTC advertising

Getting healthcare product advertising in front of people who need illness relief “now” is easier. A new collaboration between Sickweather® and LiveRamp will serve digital ads, personalized and location-based, to those needing relief or experiencing symptoms in real time using IdentityLink™.

Sickweather, the world’s first real-time map of human health, uses crowdsourcing to track a wide range of illnesses and symptoms. The data from millions of monthly reports of social media sentiment is analyzed to provide insights on illnesses trending in highly specific, geo-targeted areas. This micro-moment information is available to people on-the-go through the Sickweather app. (iOS — Android:

LiveRamp is an identity resolution service that ties data back to real people and makes it possible to use that data for people-based marketing initiatives across digital channels.

This new partnership allows advertisers to directly target their messages based on people reporting symptoms or illnesses through the Sickweather app. For example, the data Sickweather provides can be used to target people in need of cold, cough or flu medicine in a specific area who have reported having cold or flu-like symptoms.

“The illness data Sickweather collects is hyper-local and in real-time,” says Graham Dodge, Sickweather CEO and co-founder. “This LiveRamp collaboration makes it easier for digital advertisers to get their message directly in front of someone dealing with the illness symptoms we track. If you report you’re feeling lousy, you’re probably looking for relief. Getting a timely ad for a remedy is going to play an important role in your purchasing decision.”

The partnership increases businesses use of Sickweather’s real-time illness reporting data to trigger relevant digital ads (including video) to consumers to help improve their current condition. Sickweather will also be available through the LiveRamp Data Innovators Program. Data Innovators’ multidimensional audience segments offer marketers access to new and more efficient ways to connect with engaged consumers across the U.S.