Want To Avoid The Thanksgiving Holiday Sniffles? Sickweather & Clorox Can Help You With That!

It’s that time of the year to be home with loved ones and to binge on good food without feeling guilty. You may be near your loved ones, or perhaps you are one of the many people traveling across the country to be with them for Thanksgiving.

Packed airports, trains and buses can only mean two things — the holidays (yay!) and germs (boo!). It only takes a few coughs and sneezes from fellow travelers to catch whatever is going around. However, with Sickweather and this handy infographic from Clorox you can plan to stay healthy just as you plan for the weather at your destination. Check it out!

Here are a few more travel tips from Sickweather, your real-time illness tracker:

  • With much less illness reports around Boston Logan Airport, Chicago O’Hare or LAX you may want to pass through these airports rather than LaGuardia for your connecting flight.
  • Looking for somewhere to hang out or grab a bite in New York? Watch out for coughs, fevers and colds if you will be commuting or hanging out around Times Square and Penn Station.
  • Illness reports are common in public places like the subway, train station and the airport. Remember to wash your hands after passing through these areas, as you will most likely handle germ-prone surfaces like ticket counters, doors and kiosks — there’s no guarantee that the janitorial staff are regularly disinfecting these surfaces like you would at your own home

Sickweather wishes you a happy and sniffle-free Thanksgiving!

submitted by: Graham Dodge, CEO

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Originally published at www.sickweather.com.