Its hard to be the better person
Treadmill Treats

I sat. I pondered. I reread and reread this blost (blog post?)

Usually I am very outspoken…so much so I outspeak myself…not this time!

I really really enjoyed the post. Concise. Descriptive. Touch of humour. Dose of humility. Full of life so very Full of life. Its rare( obviously I miss out on many great authors) I chance upon articles so full of all the wonderful ingredients making for a great but short read on the Go that include so much with so little that leave so much of such a great feeling a feeling of hope of love of I inspiration but aren’t necessarily depressing. Along the way…( nothing personal to those that may be and certainly not meaning anything of those heartfelt sad stories….I enjoy the ones uplifting. That are zealous! Anyway I enjoyed it and it’s becoming a chat piece. For me and my partner…we have a child now. We have had some deep issues around fidelity and trust and FAith…I’m used to hearing about how it’s the man who jumped the fence for a taste but this time it was she. Well we are staying together as I am trying to be not just the bigger person but the equal….rearrange the res etc for me for her for our boy for all of our happy futurez. Thank u