Racism ≠ Prejudice + Power; “Reverse” Racism = Racism
Traditional Tradesman

The sad part of these social “theories” is the fact they are based on victim-hood. I’d even take it a step further and say that victim-hood is a form of narcissism. Narcissists cannot comprehend objectivity, and therefore cannot play in an arena that’s comprised of rules, facts or theories that can be tested, because that would require taking responsibility for the results when they don’t go your way.

No, it’s all about emotions and how they affect me, me ,me!

So, we end up with endless justifications, and the constant moving of the goal posts, in a never-ending, passive-aggressive pursuit of superiority at the expense of every other group who is not them. This is never about leveling the playing field towards equality. It about relegating everyone this group deems to be oppressive into third-class status.

And wouldn’t that be the classic definition of racism?