This parent would say, “I want you to be fully empowered to be yourself, my child. You own your body — pot is legal and abortions are easily come by, so that eases some stress. Go to work and earn money. Give me a healthy portion of that money, though. Better for me to determine how it best be spent. You were born so little and helpless; as an adult, I am privileged, so better I decide what is best for you and handle everything. You never have to take responsibility for your own life; you can just live with me indefinitely. You never have to leave home if you don’t want to, because the option of an all-expenses paid life is always here. You also don’t really have to take any responsibility for the running of the household. You paid me part of your income; I’ll make sure that everything is handled in a fair and just way from here on out. Just trust me to handle it.”
I’m A Woman, I’m Not A Democrat…And I Can Explain.
Alice Atalanta, Ph.D.

This is a brilliant distillation of what today’s Liberalism has become. As much as the average Liberal loves to think of themself as the smartest and most moral person in the room, what boggles is the seemingly complete self-unawareness of what exactly they are aligning with.

Is it laziness or the need to be part of a group that supersedes any want for true understanding? Or, is it a darker, more base drive to have power and control over others?