Vande Mataram

Let’s get a little reductionist about the Patiala House violence and JNU in Delhi.

A few individuals — using the muscles of their chests, tongues, lips and voice boxes — released some audible mechanical waves from their mouths, what we better know as sounds. These mechanical waves itself mean nothing to entities that have no receptors to receive the waves, or to those that don’t have the key to decode it.

Unfortunately for the sources of these waves, there happened to be several individuals around that had the key to the code and the ability to receive and interpret them.

These waves convened ideas and concepts so profound, that it led to the heart rates of the receivers shooting up, the reduction of the cortisol hormones in their bodies, and heightened activity in the left hemispheres of their primary nervous organs. This chemical activity in the body is commonly known as anger.

Such chemical activity in the interpreters prompted them to physically damage the limbs of the source of these mechanicals waves. Many others advocated the ending of all chemical processes of the bodies of the source waves.

Without the key to the code and the ability to receive and interpret, these mechanical waves would be pure gibberish. Just physical noise. Inconsequential to the infinite universe. Inconsequential to other entities around it. The idea and concept itself would linger on in the consciousness of the source, and the other individuals would have gone on continuing their daily chemical processes, unaware of the idea and none the wiser.

But these otherwise inconsequential mechanical waves, they contained ideas so profound, they invited the destruction of their very source.

These ideas, so profound.