The Great Engineering Talent Waste

Having some of the top engineering talent in the world, companies like Apple, Google and Microsoft don’t make use of them best. Take for example their latest weekly updates; Microsoft may have contacts pinned to taskbar, Google Pichai says they are looking for a way to earn money through Google maps (just freaking brilliant! Google literally means Lot of ads revenue after 1), Apple may have vertical camera instead horizontal one (I know that’s just rumours but no worries Apple does lesser than rumours anyway), Facebook(Ahahahahahha!)

This week is just a summary of what the one year result will be. With no lack of resources for any of they are only focusing on cosmetic changes to their existing products. Tesla proves however, what engineers are capable of.

They hire some of the best talents in the world. But they simply don’t use them like Tesla and SpaceX. They have their vision laid out for at least next 10 years. While the others, we know they will “Update” stuff.

Coming to yearly progress, for Google Certain new apps, some updates to Android (around 5 important ones) and pixel. Microsoft well they are just there. In terms of ranking they make progress to the same place every year. The most valued company, Apple with most of its focus being on IPhone does below expectations though better than it’s competitors.

Tesla and SpaceX on the other hand are making lot of progress in their respective fields. Led by Elon Musk, while Tesla introduced Model 3 last year, a semi and a bus is in pipeline. SpaceX has several rocket launches and is working on bringing internet the world over. Now I know comparing Rockets and Cars to Phones or laptops is a bit unfair. But they take one year to deliver them. And personal computing too like cars and rockets have lot of scope for innovation. For example there are 800 people working on iPhone camera and they do it for one whole year to bring some improvement. Engineers can do much more in that duration.

The problem isn’t the main product of the company Google search for Google, iPhone for Apple and Windows for Microsoft. The problem is how little updates they bring to them Even though they have been staying at top of their game but just because you employ so many people doesn’t mean you should.

These companies have been going all guns blazing in other areas of tech as well but none has made progress half as close to their money making products.

Now I know they won’t change their way of operation but the people working their they must review their contributions in changing the world of tech. Because that’s what they do.

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